Lunch In Fairfax: Similians Thai Eatery - Kra Pow

Similian Thai is becoming one of the hottest Thai spots in all of Fairfax County. Located in Greenbriar Shopping Center, this tropical haunt features a great menu, which includes slightly lower prices during lunch hours. I stopped by to try a classic Thai meal, the beef kra pow.

Kra Pow Lunch w/ Rice, Salad, Crispy Roll: $12 (after tax & tip)

When you order the kra pow you pick your meat (beef, chicken, more for seafood) and it comes on a bed of green beans and bamboo shoots with garlic and basil, sauteed in thai chili peppers. The menu shows dual chili peppers which means it is one of the spicier foods on the menu and I believe you can request some extra heat if you so desire.

The Kra Pow goes for $9.50 at lunch ($10.50 at dinner). If you want to make your meat a seafood option it goes up to $13.50 and multiple seafood items goes up to $15.50. You can order it for carryout but its def better to eat at the restaurant. I don't know what you feel about tipping on carryout orders, but keep in mind you have to tip on this $10 meal if you eat in.

The meal starts off with a very tiny little lettuce salad. Your entree also comes with a clump of white rice. Finally, the meal comes together with what is sort of a dessert, one of their Crispy Rolls, a deliciously sweet vegetable roll with a sweet thai chili sauce.

I'm not a huge fan of Thai food but I really love this meal. The green beans as a veggie, the rice to mix in, and a delicious sauce with some kick make this something I will order time and time again.

You can also order this at dinner (after 3:30pm). For a dollar more you get a very slightly larger portion, hard to tell.

The meal starts off with a very tiny little lettuce salad and your lunch also comes with one of their crispy rolls and a clump of white rice. If you eat everything it turns into a very filling and very delicious lunch. The cost may be high for a regular lunch but once a month, why not!


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