Lunch In Fairfax: Cantina D'Italia - Pizzas

Cantina D'Italia is an Italian Restaurant located in the Fair Lakes shopping center. It is sort of hidden and blends in with all the stores as I have lived in the area for years and had no idea this was even here. I finally made my first trip there after finding it after googling restaurants, and I decided to try one of their pizzas for lunch.

Italian Pizza: $13 (after tax & tip, $10 for more basic pizzas)

The restaurant offers 5 different pizzas and you can also add whatever toppings you want to create your own pizza (although this gets expensive at $1.50 per topping). The pizzas run from $8-$10 and are fairly large but can be eaten by 1 hungry person in one sitting. You will most likely have 2 small slices leftover to take home.

They start you off with some bread and butter which was nice. I was going to order the garlic bread but when they brought the regular complimentary bread out I cancelled that idea.

I went with one of the more expensive pizzas, at just over $10 (after tax). The $8 pizzas are margherita and white pizza. The one I got was the Pizza Della Nova which included salami, prosciutto and mushrooms. The pizza was very good, specifically because the toppings were so fresh and delicious. It's hard to compare the pizza here to other places because it sort of has its own style. It is kind of a knife and fork type of pizza if that makes sense (it was fairly soggy in the center).

When I went at lunch time the restaurant was pretty empty. It kind of has an old feel, and is set up for family dinners. The food was good but the atmosphere was not great, sitting alone at an old bar with no bartender was pretty lonely. I probably should have sat outdoors on their patio. I may go back again and try some actual Italian food, they seem like they know what they are doing.


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