Happy Hour Hard Times Cafe Fairfax

Happy Hour @ Hard Times Cafe

Monday - Friday
11am - 7pm

$2.50 Domestic 14oz Drafts
$3 Rails
$3.50 Rail Martinis
$3 House Wine
$1 Off other drinks


Welcome to happy hour at Hard Times Cafe! This bar/restaurant chain known for its chili offers a weekday happy hour at it's Old Town Fairfax location with specials on beer, rail drinks, wine, martinis and more. Here's everything you need to know about happy hour at Hard Times Fairfax.


$3.50 Corona (3pm-9pm)
$3.50 Bud Lt 16oz Aluminums (7pm-Close)

$7 All Burgers (All Day)
$7 Chili Salad (til 4pm)


$2.50 20oz Domestic Drafts (3pm-9pm)
$3.50 Miller Lt 16oz Aluminums (7pm-Close)

$7 Chili Mac (All Day)
$7 Lunch Tacos (til 4pm)
$7 Chili Dogs (til 4pm)
$8 Santa Fe Salad (til 4pm)


$5 34oz Big Mug Domestic Drafts (3pm-9pm)
$3.50 Corona (3pm-9pm)

$7 Wings 1lb (All Day)
$7 Chili Salad (til 4pm)


$1 Domestic Bottles (3pm-9pm)
$4 Shooters (3pm-9pm)

$7 - 8 Boneless Wings (All Day)
$7 Chili Dogs (til 4pm)
$8 Santa Fe Salad (til 4pm)



POWER HOUR (7pm-8pm)
$1 Domestic Drafts (7-8)
$1 Rail Drinks (7-8)

$4.50 Fireball (3pm-7pm)

$6 Bar Nachos (All Day)
$7 Chicken Quesadilla (til 4pm)
$7 Lunch Fish Tacos (til 4pm)
$7 Chili Macs (til 4pm)


POWER HOUR (8pm-9pm)
*on select saturdays - same as fri*

$3.50 20oz Drafts (11am-7pm
$3 Off Pitchers (11am-7pm)
$11 Half Rack Ribs (All Day)
$6 Bar Nachos (All Day)
$7 Boneless Wings/Fries (til 7pm)


$9.50 Domestic Pitchers (11am-9pm)
$2.50 14oz Domestic Drafts (11am-9pm)

$6.50 Grilled Wings (til 9pm)
$6 Bar Nachos (All Day)

Legend's Tip: Thursdays features $1 bottles for an extended happy hour that runs til 9pm...

Happy hour runs every weekday from 11am -7pm. If you have ever been to Hard Times it is a very smokey bar. The huge section is smoking allowed but the smoke wafts over to the non smoking section on the left as well. Happy hour is available throughout the restaurant and starts early when they open. Its a fun time if you can stand the smoke. As you can see above there are TONS of specials depending on what day of the week you show up.
The restaurant may have additional specials and may not have certain specials listed here. Visit Hard Times Cafe for more information or feel free to tweet me at @TheBeerLegend with any questions. I'm happy to head down there and get them answered for you.

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Hard Times Cafe is a restaurant/bar located in Old Town Fairfax that features beer, chili, wings, burgers and more American bar food. 4069 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 - (703) 267-9590


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