Fanfare Celebrates 1 Year In Greenbriar

It seems like just yesterday that Fanfare Eatery opened up in the Greenbriar Shopping Center. However this semi-fast food sports hangout has been open for a full year. On Saturday afternoon the restaurant celebrated their 1 year anniversary with some free food and raffle giveaways. On the same rainy day there was also a Nats Happy Hour baseball watch event and combining the two events led to a fun time out.

Our Nats group decided to hang out on the covered patio despite the rain. We were bummed out when just 2 innings into the game it was postponed, but we stuck around anyway to hang out. We took down several pitchers of beer and had a great time hanging out and "bothering/entertaining" the staff. Two of our members even went home with $10 gift cards after being randomly pulled from a drawing the place had every hour that day.

Aside from the free french fries, we went through multiple pitchers of Miller Lite ($15 after tax) and of Lost Rhino Faceplant IPA ($18 after tax) Dividing that out to a per beer serving it comes out to $3.30 and $4.00 per 12oz draft. Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager was also on tap.  I'm not sure what the price for single bottles or drafts are at this time.

Fanfare is a great place to catch a Nats game. The patio is covered from the rain and sun and they have a cool lounge/couch section. Because it is a Glory Days type spot it has a table top speaker so you can get the sound for whatever game you want. It is also good for groups because there is no wait staff, you just order at the counter and they bring you out your order.

We had a great time on Saturday and won a few prizes. They also hooked us up with some clear-ish Fanfare cups that change to a bright red color when a cold beer is poured inside. While there was no game we still managed to have a great time.


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