Lunch In Fairfax: Jason's Deli - Salad Bar

Jason's Deli is a deli located in the Fair Lakes shopping center of Fairfax. While they offer a variety of lunch options one of their most popular items is their great salad bar. I went down there for lunch to check it out.

All You Can Eat Salad Bar: $8.50 (after tax)

When you walk in the front door, there is a computer screen at the front of the restaurant. I stood there like an idiot for like 3 minutes before realizing that the computer is where you pre-pay for your salad bar. It's like a Sheetz order computer, you pick your items, pay for them and then eat.

The salad bar itself costs $8.50 after tax and I do not believe that you are supposed to tip. You can dine in or get a salad to go. However if you stay there you can get multiple plates as it is all you can eat. The item selection is comparable to Ruby Tuesday and the price is the same without the tipping portion.

The Legend's Tip: Instead of getting the soda for the extra $2 add some turkey to your salad for the same price...

I just went for the salad, but at the opening computer you can choose some add ons like chicken salad, tuna salad or turkey for $2, grilled chicken for $4, or salmon for $5. Soup will run you an extra $2 as well. I prefer to stick to water but if you want to add a soda that's another $2.

After you pay you head over to the counter and someone hands you an empty bowl on a tray. Each time you finish your food you bring the empty bowl up to this counter and exchange it for another one.

The salad bar has all the typical items you find at a salad bar. Some things I noticed that were different included slices of watermelon, apple slices, and some pudding type things that I avoided. Your main bedding is either spinach (my choice) or romaine lettuce.

Jason's also has some hard garlic bread chips that were good, a few different types of crackers, and what they call their "famous" mini muffins (gingerbread & cornbread) which were ok but nothing amazing.

Unlike other salad bars in the area, this one is well taken care of. It is clean and all the food looks fresh. It is not as extensive as some other grocery store salad bars and if you are just going to get one portion then it is probably more expensive. But without a Ruby Tuesday very close this is a great option for a sit down salad bar.

And don't forget that they have free ice cream at Jason's. Chocolate, Vanilla or Swirl in a cone or bowl with chocolate sauce as a topping. A tiny cone hits the spot after some salad.

Personally I like going here and getting some fresh salad when I feel like just chilling out and taking my time. I may come back again but I typically enjoy getting a quick salad to go from the Giant grocery store salad bar or going to Cici's or Joes to get pizza along with my salad in the all you can eat portions for a similar price.


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