Buffalo Wing Factory Greenbriar: All You Can Eat Thursdays

Every Thursday night at Buffalo Wing Factory is their popular all you can eat wings, bites and fingers special. Each Thursday evening the restaurant area is packed with teenagers spending their parents money. But while there may be a young crowd at times there is also a fairly large bar area with tons of beers on tap. I went down to the bar and tried to eat as many wings as I could. I may have been sick later, but hey, I "got my money's worth"...

The Legend's Tip: Pair the special with happy hour (4pm-7pm) for a chance to not just sample different wings, but several different beers as well...

The special is an all you can eat (no sharing, no taking home) special available all day and night on Thursdays. It is quite expensive and will run you $19.99 ($25 after tax and tip) and that is if you stick with the included free all you can drink soda instead of grabbing a few beers.

To give you a frame of reference, if you ordered their typical order of wings you would get 10 of them in only 1 sauce flavor and it would run you around $12 ($15 after tax and tip).  So if you are looking for a variety of sauces, desire more than 10 wings, and have the extra $10 to spend on being fat instead of on beer (to also be fat), this is the special for you.

You start off by choosing your item (wings, bites or fingers) and 2 different sauce flavors from their list of 30 or so "craft" sauces. If you get the wings  the sauce is already applied and for the fingers/bites you are going to get the sauce as a dipping sauce.

The Legend's Tip: Don't be tempted by the soda and fries, you are there for the wings and your stomach needs room...

The trick to this special is that after you place your order it takes a little while for your wings to come out. During that time you've got your big soda on the table and they bring you out a LARGE basket of french fries which also is included in the price. At this point your wing champions will just brush them aside and wait for the main course. But if you are like me (and everyone in the world) and you enjoy Coke and fries, you take away some of the room in your stomach from the wings. Also if you are like me, you will pair this up with Happy Hour and get some delicious craft beer.

Your first order brings you 14 wings and you can start with your choice of 2 different sauces. After that it is orders of 7 and 1 sauce each time for the rest of the day. (I believe the chicken fingers is just 3 at a time).  If you are smart you will place your next order while you still have wings to spare to time it perfectly.

The Legend's Tip: Order your next set of wings BEFORE you finish eating your current set to avoid down time...

Buffalo Wing Factory has 30 types of sauce flavors which include buffalo sauces in different heat levels (mild, hot, torid), a whole bunch of liquidy sauces in mostly typical wing flavor combinations (teryiaki, garlic butter, honey bbq) and a couple different dry rub options (crab, new orleans). The buffalo sauce actually sticks to the wings while most of the other sauces are sort of wet and just drip off. The hottest, waiver-inducing sauce (The DOAs), is not included in the special.

The best part about getting this special is the fact that you can try so many different flavor options. I went through 5 sets of 7 (fat) when I was there. Two of the interesting sauce flavors I tried were the "Peruvian Verde" an offshoot of parmesean (?) that is supposed to be like "pollo chicken" and the "Korean Bugogi" which is an offshoot of teryiaki. It was great to have a chance to try all these options and figure out what my favorite flavor (or flavors) is (are) so I can order it next time.

The Legend's Tip: If you stick with the wings you will get more chances to sample the different flavors for next time's non all you can eat order as they have way less meat than fingers & bites...

My suggestion is to stick with the actual wings so that you can maximize your sauce options before filling up. This is also a great thing to do when you make your first visit here so you can figure out what you like and order a smaller less expensive order the next visit.

Overall it is a fairly expensive dinner and since this site focuses on drinking beers, this is not a financially amazing decision, even if you get there for happy hour. I washed down my wings with just 1 beer (and like 5 soda refills) and that threw me up over $30. For the same price you can get 10 wings of your favorite flavor, an order of curly fries and 2 house brewed session IPAs (or at Happy Hour several other great $4 options).

Next time I return to Buffalo Wing Factory on a Thursday I will probably stay away from the special, stick with a single order of wings and focus on throwing back some amazing craft beer selections (at their great happy hour). However, I'm very glad that I did spend the money the one time because I've discovered how much I love their buffalo sauce wings.


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