Lunch In Fairfax: Flame Kabob - Kabob Special

Flame Kabob is a tiny little spot in the Greenbriar shopping center next to the annoying Starbucks with a drive-thru. The restaurant specializes in, shocker, kabobs. They have a daily special for $7 where you can try one of their smaller sized kabob dishes. I went down and grabbed my own to try it out.

Steak, Beef or Chicken Kabob Special: $7.50 (after tax)

The daily special is available at any time on any day. You can pick between 3 different kabobs; steak, chicken, or kubideh (ground beef). For each version you get 4 pieces of meat on top of a bed of rice with 1 side and a big piece of naan bread. It also comes with some very good kabob really good.

The price is just under $7.50 after tax without a drink and it is also available for dinner. Each of these is a smaller version (4 piece instead of 8 piece) of a dinner option that runs from $10-$12. (Chicken 10, Beef 11, Steak 12) So it appears that your best "value" would be getting the steak option here.

The Legend's Tip: Go with the steak special because it is typically more expensive...

The typical side is chick peas, however they had a few other options including Sabzi (sauteed spinach), black beans, or corn.  The rice comes with all of them and has a slight kick to it. The bread is bread, and as I said the sauce is delicious.

I don't have much experience at places like this but I was quite satisfied with this spot. The fact that they don't add veggies to your meat, they let you choose your side and the taste of the rice is great makes this a surprisingly good spot to grab some food.


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