Lunch In Fairfax: Lebanese Kitchen - Gyros

Lebanese Kitchen is a fairly new carryout spot in the Greenbriar Shopping Center of Fairfax. They offer a variety of items including gyros, pizza, shawarma and kabobs among other things. I went down there to try out one of their gyros for lunch.

Gyro & Chips: $8 (after tax)

The gyro lunch runs for just under $8 after tax. It comes with a bunch of seasoned beef & lamb meat on a greek pita. The typical toppings are lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese, and Yogurt sauce. On the side you get a bag of Utz Chips, or for less than $2 more you can add french fries and keep the meal under $10. Remember to order it as the "sandwich" and not the "entree".

As you can see from the photo, they really load you up with meat. The pita is also large but it isn't big enough to contain all the meat and toppings in a sandwich type form. Every bite you take things will fall out the side. This isn't a horrible thing because you get lots of meat, but you may want to just eat a bunch of the meat with a fork first and then when its more trim you can eat it as a sandwich. It's not really a "clean eat".

The Legend's Tip: Order the gyro as the sandwich and not as the entree...Cheaper but still quite filling...

The other thing I like to do, not just here but everywhere, is to get the sauce on the side. That way you can decide for yourself how much you want on there. Because the gyro is basically open faced, this is an easy task.  I even dipped the meat in the sauce and once i ate enough meat I poured some over the rest and ate it as a sandwich.

Also of note I asked for no tomato and they put tomato on it. It was easy to take off but this is another reason if you aren't big into sauce to make sure you double check they don't put the sauce on the thing (It may even always come on the side).

The meal is very filling due to the size and is a great deal for the price. However if you think you can handle it you can also order the gyro as a dinner entree. The entree I think is more of just the meat and you get fries, a greek salad and pita bread with it. When you get it this way it costs you around $13. I've never actually ordered it this way, but since the sandwich is filling enough and this costs you $3 more, I'd stick to the sandwich.

The gyro at Lebanese Kitchen was very good and very filling. It is a little annoying and messy to eat the thing but the amount of delicious meat on there made me forget about it pretty quickly. I will definitely have it again and I'll be trying some other food items there in the future.


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