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Moby Dick House Of Kabob Fairfax City - Yelp Elite Event

So it finally happened. I've made it in this world. I'm officially... YELP ELITE ... That's right aside from writing this website, I also contribute loads and loads of reviews and photos to the Yelp community to better serve those who deserve good food and drink.

I was elected to this ninja food squad just in time as they held a special Elite-only event at Moby Dick's Kabob in Fairfax (the one next to PJ Skidoos). Moby Dick higher ups were there to make sure we all had a great time with great food and new friends.

FQB French Quarter Brasserie Oyster Happy Hour

Welcome to Oyster happy hour at French Quarter Brasserie! Buck a shuck and draft beers straight from can you go wrong!? Here's all the specials at the FQB during happy hour:

Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: Wine House Dinner

I have never been to the Wine House before. Mostly because I'm not that big into wine but more because they don't have a happy hour. So when I saw their menu had a few items I enjoy on their Restaurant Week menu, I figured this was my chance to check this place out.

Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: Hamrock's Restaurant Lunch

As Fairfax City Restaurant Week continued I used the opportunity to go to one of the restaurants in Fairfax I've been avoiding forever, Hamrock's Restaurant. I took my lunch break and hit up this old house in Fairfax converted to restaurant and tried out their RW selection:

Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: Pampasazone Dinner

After a nice little brunch at the FQB, I was still looking for some more great food in the city of Fairfax. So I came back at night, parked in the same exact parking spot and got my next fix at Pampasazone. Due to some poor timing it almost didn't happen.

Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: French Quarter Brasserie Brunch

The first annual Restaurant Week in Fairfax City is here and the first stop on the tour de food is the French Quarter Brasserie, also known as FQB. Restaurant week started on Sunday, Sunday is a big brunch it fit in perfectly to hit up the only restaurant featuring brunch. Here's some info on the specials.

Legendary Road Trips: Annapolis - Oysters, Sardines, Hockey and Cold

A free ticket to the Washington Capitals outdoor game at the Naval Academy finally got me off my lazy butt and out to a city I've been wanting to go to for the past 15 years...and no this isn't like wanting to go to Honolulu, this is Annapolis, just an hour down the road...why haven't I been!?

The trip didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it to, but there were sardines involved so I had a great's what happened.

Friday Legends Happy Hour Crawl - Old Town Fairfax Windwalkers

It's been quite a while since the last Happy Hour Crawl but the Legends are back in business. Half of Fairfax was out of power and the wind was blowing over trees and people, but that didn't stop us. With 6 bars on the schedule and a few new spots, Friday night was a big success. After all, it ended with singing Styx at full volume into a microphone, so how could it not be!

Carpool Fairfax Happy Hour - Fair Lakes Bars

Welcome to happy hour at the new Carpool in Fairfax. Carpool has your typical bar happy hour running Monday - Friday from 3pm-7pm. The main special is just $1 off their draft beer. You can also get $3.50 rail drinks and a discount on appetizers. Here's some more info on Happy Hour:

Blue Iguana Seafood Night Wednesdays - Crab Legs & Peel n' Eat Shrimp

Are you a fan of seafood? If so you may really love the food and the prices down at the Blue Iguana bar in Fair Lakes of Fairfax. On Wednesday nights the restaurant brings in a bunch of Alaskan Snow Crab Legs and Peel & Eat Shrimp and pairs it with their great happy hour and everyday bar specials (Like $3 Fireball). Here's all you need to know to get your crab on.