The Birth Of The FAX Legend

Welcome to the Monkey House!

So I am no longer living in Falls Church, and the Little City Legend site has been on hiatus for quite some time. Now that I'm in a new area, Fairfax, I've found that there are tons of places around me that I've been 100 times but I don't even really know what kind of happy hours they have. So where do I meet a friend? Where do I go on a date? Where do I go to happy hour? Where do I get a late night snack? I can't find anywhere else online to tell me those things, so FAX Legend was born.

I've got like 20 blogs going right now, but for the time being I'll be posting happy hour (and other) information about all the restaurants and bars in Fairfax, VA (and some of the surrounding area). Hope this helps you all out as much as it is going to help me!

I will conquer Fairfax the same way I've conquered Falls Church.  JOIN ME! You can follow the journey on this blog, on Twitter, on Instagram, Untapped (beers), and on Swarm (littlecitylegend)

Enjoy! And see you at happy hour!


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