Joe's Crab Shack: Two Dollar Seafood Tuesdays In Fair Lakes

One of the best kept secrets in the Fairfax area is the Happy Hour at Joe's Crab Shack in Fair Lakes. The restaurant is hidden away in the back of the secondary shopping center and is known for it's expensive crab dinners. However, if you hang around at the bar for happy hour you are going to get some really great deals.

And then on Tuesdays, it gets even better as Joe's throws one of the best specialty nights in all of Fairfax, and it runs til 9pm! Hurricanes, Seafood Appetizers, and beers, all for just 2 bucks. I joined a few friends at Joe's to try everything they have on their $2 "Two"sdays.


To let you know about the drinks we are going to show you all the options you have on Tuesdays, including the specials that are only available at a select time during happy hour. All regular happy hour specials are listed here.

$2 Tuesdays (11am - 9pm)
  • $2 - Hurricanes (12oz)
  • $2 - Bud Light Drafts (12oz)
Happy Hour Tuesdays (4pm - 7pm)
  • $3 - Blue Moon (or Sam Adams) Drafts (16oz)
  • $3 - House Margaritas
  • $5 - Patron Margaritas
All Day Special
  • $2.50 - Corona/Corona Light Bottles (12oz)

The Legend's Tip: Arrive for Happy Hour on Tuesdays (4pm-7pm) to maximize/combine your available specials...


Just like with the drinks, if you arrive during happy hour you maximize your options so we will show you all the specials of the day. All regular happy hour specials are listed here.

$2 Tuesdays (11am - 9pm)
  • $2 - Voodoo Chicken (4 piece fried chicken bites with ranch)
  • $2 - Shack Calamari (fried rings & tentacles with shack sauce)
  • $2 - Popcorn Shrimp (fried mini shrimp & fries with cocktail sauce)
  • $2 - Crab Taters (french fries topped with crab & stuff)
  • $2 - Fried Pickles
$5 Happy Hour (4pm - 7pm)
  • $5 - Mozzarella Sticks
  • $5 - Great Balls Of Fire (Crab Balls - cream cheese/jalapeno/crab)
  • $5 - Crab Dip with Chips
  • $5 - Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

The Legend's Tip: Grab a friend or 2 and split all 5 two dollar items for a great fried seafood sampler for $10...

One thing you need to know is that while the drinks (hurricane, Bud Light) are $2 they serve them in 12oz plastic cups instead of their 16oz glasses. This is not a complaint, it is just a note in case you know their regular happy hour serving sizes that run for $3 and think they just took $1 off the price. They also dropped 4 ounces.

Another thing you need to know is that the food items you order for $2 (listed below) come in cardboard tray bowl things. Combined with the plastic cups the whole thing has sort of a swimming pool concession stand feel.  At $2 this shouldn't bother anyone, but some people out there might scoff at this. The food quality was not pool like.

Overall this is a very good special. The appetizers are more like a snack than a meal (and if you combine a bunch of them it is just too much fried food). But if you are into pounding a few drinks and munching on some good seafood, you should check out Joe's Crab Shack on Tuesdays. There aren't many better deals in town.


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