Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: Pampasazone Dinner

After a nice little brunch at the FQB, I was still looking for some more great food in the city of Fairfax. So I came back at night, parked in the same exact parking spot and got my next fix at Pampasazone. Due to some poor timing it almost didn't happen.

As I loligagged and procrastinated at home, I failed to realize how late it actually was. By the time I pulled into the city and hit the front door of a new Latin restaurant called Pampasazone it was already 8pm...and little did I know...they close at 8pm on Sunday nights!

I walked in the door, realized what was happening and tried to waltz right on back out before I was stopped by the owner who welcomed me in for food. He didn't even know the legend was in the house! He would have done it for anyone.

I felt really bad, I mean I swear I NEVER go to a restaurant even within 30 minutes of it closing. However, the mistake was made and couldn't be undone, so my apologies and thanks to the kitchen!

Anyways this isn't about me (yes it is Chris, everything is about you).

The 3 course dinner meal ($35) featured 3 courses (Restaurant Week Menu)

I started with an item that is not on the menu..well not exactly. It was the Arepa sandwich sampler, which included 3 mini samples of their famous Arepas, which are Colombian/Venezuelan sandies made with flour tortillas. These are the types of items that should be on every restaurant week menu...a way to sample MULTIPLE items.

Not only did I get to sample their pork, chicken and steak, but I also got to sample 3 of their custom sauces. They have more than 3 and these 3 were great so I can't wait to find out more about some of the other choices.

Anyways, that 1 small appetizer item was so good that I will be going back ASAP to try a full sized sandwich...they are only $8.

For my main course I chose the steak with some fries and a salad. The proportions were good, and it was a fine item, but all I could think about while I was eating it was the sandwiches. I don't even think this steak item was on the regular menu, I think they were "classing it up" for restaurant week. Also, you can see, it was drenched in some kind of sauce...not my style. BTW, who goes with fries at a Latin place? This guy!

Dessert was a very very good piece of cheesecake drizzed with Guava jelly. I could have done without the jelly, it was a solid piece of c-cake.

Overall, this was the best Restaurant Week spot that opened my eyes to their menu selections. I will be returning soon...but until then...time for the next spot!


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