Moby Dick House Of Kabob Fairfax City - Yelp Elite Event

So it finally happened. I've made it in this world. I'm officially... YELP ELITE ... That's right aside from writing this website, I also contribute loads and loads of reviews and photos to the Yelp community to better serve those who deserve good food and drink.

I was elected to this ninja food squad just in time as they held a special Elite-only event at Moby Dick's Kabob in Fairfax (the one next to PJ Skidoos). Moby Dick higher ups were there to make sure we all had a great time with great food and new friends.

I was sort of a little nervous for my first event, but my experience with Wiz Happy Hour has prepared me well for restaurant awkwardness.

About 30 or so yelpers gathered in Fairfax and were treated to a delicious buffet of rice, pita, meats and veggies. Previously I have only had the gyro at Moby Dick locations because it is so filling and perfect for hangovers, so this was a great chance for me to sample some other fare.

The line moved rather quickly and before you know it we were all kabobbing like a mug!

Items included Pitas, salad, cucumber sauce, some really great rice, Kubideh Beef Kabob, Spicy Ground Chicken Kabob, Joojeh Chicken Kabob, Veggie Kabob and some other items I didn't consume because my mouth was filled with delicious meats.

I may or may not have hit up the buffet a few times (you can't prove anything!).  While we ate, I got to meet 3 new friends. We talked about all sorts of things including places to eat, MRI tech and the secret rules of Yelp Events (copyright Tiffany J)

If all the great food wasn't enough, Moby Dick management came around and gave us all $15 app credit for our next visit. They talked a bit about the company as Gretchen from Yelp looked on quite excited.

Overall I was really surprised with how cool this event was. Being Yelp Elite is definitely a very cool thing to be. I now have Yelp swag and some new Yelp friends. What a great night!


Yelp Elite Event
Moby Dick Official Website

Moby Dick: 9940 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030


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