Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: Wine House Dinner

I have never been to the Wine House before. Mostly because I'm not that big into wine but more because they don't have a happy hour. So when I saw their menu had a few items I enjoy on their Restaurant Week menu, I figured this was my chance to check this place out.

The restaurant is pretty small, so they have to cram everyone into the restaurant when it gets crowded. That means, if you are a party of 2, you may be sitting inches away from another couple at the same table with a divider in the middle.

So as the 4 people in the empty restaurant sat at the same table...we picked up the $35 Restaurant Week menu and got to ordering.

To start, some wine...waiiiit. Check that. We didn't get any wine. I was already spending $90 on this dinner after tip, I didn't need to add more...perhaps next visit.

To start, Smoked Duck Salad (Arugula, Champagne Vinaigrette, Dried Cherries in Port, Parmesan Shavings, Toasted Hazelnuts) for me...and for her...after she ate the 4th slice of duck before I took the photo below...grrrr...

For her, the Smoked Salmon Tapas (Zucchini Coulis, Caper & Shallots, on Crostini).

The appetizers were good and a nice start to the meal, but I was ready for the main course...mostly because I'm obsessed with brussel sprouts and they were included with our entrees. Thats right, I said "Our" entrees. We both ordered the exact same thing...not a great way to sample anything, but the stomach wants what the stomach wants.

That item was the flat iron steak with roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and mashed potatoes.

The steak was fantastic. I don't know why restaurants insist on putting sauce on top of delicious meat, but in this case it wasn't too distracting. The brussel sprouts and the mashed potatoes were good too. I actually cleaned my plate, which didn't happen at every Restaurant Week spot.

For dessert we went with different items again, phew. Dark Chocolate Terrine with Strawberry Coulis and Wine House Tiramisu.

The Wine House was a pretty good choice. It was a great way to check out the place and what it has to offer. The atmosphere is pretty nice, and I will return to hang at the bar for some wine. If they ever get happy hour, I'd probably come here for every old town bar crawl.

Next up, time to try some Korean BBQ at Breakers as restaurant week continues.


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