Fairfax City Restaurant Week 2018: French Quarter Brasserie Brunch

The first annual Restaurant Week in Fairfax City is here and the first stop on the tour de food is the French Quarter Brasserie, also known as FQB. Restaurant week started on Sunday, Sunday is a big brunch day...so it fit in perfectly to hit up the only restaurant featuring brunch. Here's some info on the specials.

The FQB Restaurant Week Brunch menu included most of the items from their regular Saturday & Sunday brunch (view the full brunch menu here). And actually, if you weren't in on Sunday morning, then your only other chance would in theory be on Saturday...but they have a special brunch on Saturdays that requires reservations.

The regular brunch is not very cheap, so this was the perfect time to try out some selections at a better rate.

The offering was a 3 course brunch. To start I went with the Charred Romaine Salad, which is basically a few large leaves of lettuce with caesar salad croutons and cherry tomatoes. An interesting take on a caesar salad, but still good (I'm anti tomato and mayo!).

While many people were raving about the Chicken and Waffles, they were more like Eggo Waffles instead of a Belgian Waffle, so instead I opted for the Steak & Eggs with Hashbrowns, a classic breakfast for me.

Unfortunately during brunch it can take 25+ minutes to get your food, so if you go be prepared for that. I was toads chillen so I didn't mind and eventually my steak and eggs came out.

The steak was sooooo good. Like stand out good. The hashbrowns really hit the spot too. For the scrambled eggs, you will have to ask someone else. I'm very picky about eggs, and I only like to eat a small amount. I'm super weird. The eggs also had onions and peppers in them (and 2 random macaroni pieces?) so keep that in mind when ordering.

The final course, dessert, was what I was looking forward to. A chance to sample the FQB Beignets...which if you haven't heard of, they are like fried dough with powdered sugar, kind of like donut-y snacks, famous in New Orleans.

One of them came out broken, which I thought wasn't what a typical restaurant would do, and it ruined my pictures as well. They are a nice little snack, but not like the ones in New Orleans where people wait in line for hours to pick up. Hint: If you are there for dinner and order an entree, you can get a sample for free by checking in on Yelp.

So that was a decent start to restaurant week. I'm glad I got to sample some of these items for a discounted price and I'm glad I didn't miss out on the only chance for brunch.  I may return next time for the all you can drink mimosas. Next up! Dinner at Pampasazone...


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