Sunday Special: Applebee's All You Can Eat Crosscut Ribs

Applebees has a promotion going on right now (for a limited time) where every Sunday (all day) they are offering their crosscut ribs for all you can eat with fries for $13.99 ($18 after tip no drink). I went to the location in Fair Lakes to try it for myself.

My first question when I saw this special was, "what are crosscut ribs". I really like the babyback ribs at Applebees and wanted to see if these were similar. According to Applebees:

"We cut our ribs crosswise to create a unique bone-in flavor, which means they are tender, juicy and delicious before they are even slathered in our incredible sauces"

Advertisement Via Applebees

I did some other research on this type of ribs, but lost interest after reading for 30 seconds, so that's all you get. (look up Flanken Style)...Back to the table...

The Legend's Tip: Put in your 2nd order of ribs before you finish your first one to avoid sitting around waiting...

When you place your order you choose from one of three sauce types "Honey BBQ, Smoky Chipotle, Sweet Asian Chili". Your order comes out with 4 long flanks of ribs, french fries, and cole slaw. Before you are finished with your first order, be sure to put in the order for the next as it takes some time for them to cook them.

The ribs don't have too much meat on them, and with all rib orders at Applebees they typically don't put too much sauce on them. I'd recommend to ask for sauce on the size for these or any rib orders at Applebees. (I told you the babyback ribs are great)

The Legend's Tip: Ask for extra sauce on the side as the ribs come with very little sauce on them...

Now before this post ends we have to take a look at the deal. As I mentioned, the ribs are $14 for all you can eat. However, the order of ribs by themselves is $7, and it is fairly hard to eat more than 2 servings. The difference in ordering 2 servings for $14 and the all you can eat is the unlimited fries that come with it. You may want to just stick with ordering the appetizer and grabbing another item.

So that is the deal with the all you can eat Sunday ribs. I recommend that you order a single portion as a snack or if you want to spend the $ go with the baby back ribs which are great.


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