Legend's Pick: Buffalo Chicken Pizza @ Buffalo Wing Factory

As a guy who is ALWAYS barbecue over buffalo when it comes to chicken, I wasn't expecting much when I decided to order the buffalo wing pizza from Buffalo Wing Factory. Despite realizing how much I love the buffalo sauce at BWF last week, I came into the whole thing skeptical. But what I found out after eating the pizza ended up shocking me quite a bit.

Buffalo Wing Factory specializes in chicken and you will only find 2 pizzas on the menu (they will cook you up a pie of your choice with a limited supply of toppings though). These 2 pies are the buffalo chicken pizza and the barbecue chicken pizza. Because the barbecue pizza uses BBQ as a base sauce (really delicious but hard to eat multiple slices due to sweetness) I decided to go with the buffalo version which uses marinara as the base and buffalo only on the chicken (great move).

The pizza at BWF has very plain and very white/bready crust. On top of this they also use a whole lot of cheese. It makes for a stomach filling and beer soaking meal, but isn't the greatest pizza in the world. But what the wing factory does with their sort of basic restaurant pizza turns a mediocre pie in to an excellent one by adding one of the most delicious pizza toppings I've ever had.

What the restaurant does when it comes to the buffalo chicken topping is they throw some chicken on the grill first. Next they cut it up into tiny cubes (think chipotle) and slather/mix it with their buffalo sauce (I believe it was the hot version by default although I'm sure you could ask for mild). Finally at some point in the process they throw the chicken on the pizza and cook it in the pizza oven. What comes out is delicious chicken...with a pizza under it.

The Legend's Tip: BWF has several levels of heat on their buffalo sauce. Spice up your pizza by stepping up the sauce level (let them know when you order)...

Mixing the chunks of chicken with the pizza and the combo of the marinara with the buffalo sauce worked out extremely well. The key as I stated was the chicken, and it was almost a treat when a stray chicken piece would fall off the pizza and land on the plate to be eaten alone.

As for the price, the pizza comes $1 an inch...you can order a small (12") or a large (16"). That would be about $15 and $20 after tax and tipping. That is a little pricey for one person, but the pizza is really meant for 2, especially the large (maybe 3 for that one).  I'd like to see a "pizza night" in the future where there is a discount on pizzas so everyone could try this great pie.

I described the pizza as "beer-soaking" earlier and that is what it is. I took down 5 pieces on my own but couldn't continue. It was just too much. But hey, that is 3 pieces of pizza I could eat later! Well done BWF!


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