Legend's Pick: Beef Kra Pow @ Similians Thai Eatery

I know nothing about Thai food. I've been to thai restaurants for dates, because they always have good date ambiance, and for work lunches because my boss makes sure we go somewhere that has foods nobody has ever heard of. Every time I've ever gone to a thai spot I've ordered the mussels. That is the only thing I could order where I knew what I was getting.

Well I decided to be bold, and after staring at the menu at Similians Thai Eatery for 10 minutes (with the waiter coming back every 2 to see if I was ready) and google imaging about 20 items, I decided to step up and order something, the Beef Kra Pow, which the menu described as "one of the most famous thai dishes". If all else failed I knew there would be meat in the dish and I could salvage something out of it.

Well the food came out and Ding! Ding! Ding! I hit the jackpot. I now have a goto dish next time I find myself at a thai place.

At Similians when you order the Kra Pow you get to choose a meat (or a seafood for extra). While the other meats wouldn't ruin the meal, I think the beef is the way to go here.

The meal starts out with a small salad. Next up you get a delicious crispy roll (some kind of veggie roll with awesome sweet glaze sauce). Finally, you get the main course with a ball of white rice on the side.

The Legend's Tip: If you like spicy food ask them to add some additional spice to the dish for a real kick...

In case you don't know what Kra Pow is, it is primarily meat mixed with green beans (and some bamboo shoots) tied together with some sweet thai chili sauce. There are some other things sprinkled on top like sauteed peppers, fresh basil and garlic as well, but those just add some spice and taste. For a picky eater like me it worked out perfectly.

The thing that may worry people is that it has 2 chili peppers next to it on the menu. It does have a little spice to it (I'm bad with spicy but love eating it), but it didn't crush me. You can even ask for them to throw on some extra spice, and if you are one who likes it spicy the typical serving will not do.

This item is going to run you $11.15 after tax ($1 cheaper at lunch time). Drink a water and throw in a tip to stay around 14 bucks. If you want it with shrimp it will cost you $4 more.

After eating this meal I've tried a few other thai items at the Similians and this crushes them all. it has everything a Legend's Pick requires. Meat and...well that is basically it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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