My Return To Similians Thai Eatery For Happy Hour

I made my triumphant return to my goto spot for a beer in Fairfax, Similians Thai Eatery in Greenbriar Shopping Center. It had been about 6 months but the great people there kept my bar seat warm for me!  After a handshake and welcome from the owner I was back at happy hour!

Nothing much has changed at Similians Thai. They still have their great happy hour featuring $3 craft beers and $5 thai appetizers (among other things). I went with my classic Beer and snack combo, an All-Day IPA (Founders Brewing Co, Grand Rapids Michigan) with the garden rolls (an item I realized I never had).

The garden rolls have a really cool texture and the veggies were super fresh and refreshing. I actually thought I was ordering the crispy rolls, which are really good.

The reason I love Similians is because it is pretty quiet and relaxing, and unlike most bars in the area it isn't dark and dingy. It is clean, bright and cheerful, and the ocean theme and music sets it apart. All the bright colors are still present, the only thing different are the colorful chalkboards out in the front.

My friend gets delivery from here all the time and they will deliver a 6 pack of beer right to your house, which I would never utilize, but he does it all the time.

Now that I've stepped back in I'll be hanging out at my favorite spot a lot more this summer.


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