Paint Night In Fairfax: Baladna Hookah - Waples Mill

Paint Night @ Baladna

Sunday, August 9th, 7pm
Cost: $45

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One of the latest date night crazes (or girls night out maybe more like it) that is big in the Northern Virginia are is group paint nights that take place at local bars. You basically buy a ticket, show up at the bar, and you get paint supplies and the opportunity to learn some techniques and paint a painting while you consume beverages. Coming on Sunday September 6th (first weekend before NFL) the Paint Nite company is bringing one of their events to Fairfax at Baladna Hookah Bar in the Waples Mill area.

The event costs $45 (plus drinks) and will begin at 7pm on Sept 6th. The painting that you will be painting called Into The Night 2 which according to their scale of difficulty is 2/5. Local artist Karin Pedemonte will instruct the event.

Karin also hosts several other events all year long at different Fairfax locations including On The Border Fair Oaks Mall and the Greene Turtle Old Town. The paintings change for different events. View Paint Night's schedule or stay tuned here for more.

Baladna Restaurant & Lounge is a Hookah Bar located next to Prime Time in the Waples Mill area of Fairfax. 11266 James Swart Cir, Fairfax, VA 22030 - (703) 992-8996


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